Insta Stories: What is it and how to watch anonymously?

A photo of a film strip on a white background

Instagram stories, short snapshots of users' lives in the form of photos or videos, are a popular way to publish content on Instagram.

Even though Instagram stories provide a quick insight into the most important moments of users, are only available for 24 hours, after which they disappear from your thumbnail, but don't worry - you can return to them at any time and highlight them on your profile, just below the biography (Instagram Highlights).

However, you must remember that the author of the story has access to the history of views, so if you want to remain anonymous using the official Instagram application or website is definitely not advisable.

For this purpose, tools for anonymous browsing of user content have been developed, one of them is available on our website. All you need to do is enter the username and click search. If the user has been found and his profile is not private, his current story will be displayed along with highlights on the profile. Watching insta stories in this way is not recorded in the view history and it is not possible for the author to know about it. Use our free Insta Story Viewer tool and view any story quickly, free of charge and anonymously.