How to insert an emoticon in an Instagram bio?

Eggs painted in emoticons

Thanks to emoticons and emojis, we can save time and present our emotions with one click. Due to to social media and their messengers, they have become very popular in recent years, especially on Instagram.

Currently, it's hard to find a profile without any emote in the description. There are bio without a single word, composed only of symbols. Celebrity and influencer profiles with lots of followers also have interesting bios with original emotes. So how to add to our bio an emoji and interest visitors? You have to search the internet for a collection of icons or use our online bio generator, where you will find a long list of various emojis - not only with facial images, but also places, plants, animals, weather, etc. When you find the icon that suits you, just copy it and paste it into the bio section of your profile.

Remember that each emoji is represented by Unicode character, which may look different on various devices. For example, iOS has a different set of emojis than Android. All in all, it's worth spicing up your bio with fun emotes. For the sake of aesthetics, don't put too many of them in one line, just go to the next.