How to save Instagram profile picture?

Profile picture

The number of accounts created on Instagram is approaching 1.5 billion. With this number of users, it is difficult to recognize a friend, especially since it is not possible to view a full-resolution profile picture, and the usernames often do not consist only of the first or last name.

If you have a problem with identifying users by a small and unreadable thumbnail when using the official application, it is worth using the Insta Profile Picture Downloader, which allows you to display and save a full-size Instagram profile photo. Just enter the name of any user (including private ones) and wait for the image to appear, which you can successfully save on your device. Nothing easier!

Now that you can look at a high quality profile picture, you are able to verify the person and accept or send a follow-up request. Remember, that user photos may be copyrighted, so you must be very careful.