How to turn off comments on Instagram?

Comments icon on the phone

There are many reasons why Instagram users decide to remove comments section under their posts. As profile and followers grow in popularity, more and more toxic people are abusing their freedom of speech and negatively comment on most of the content we publish.

Of course, it is possible to delete individual comments, but it is time-consuming and most followers will have time to read the unwanted comment, change their opinions about you or stop following your profile.

If you want your posts to be purely informative and free from adding comments, just change the post settings. To do this, view the post, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select Disable commenting from the available options. Remember that all previous comments will become invisible and the other way around - they will appear after turning on this option again. You can also turn off commenting before you publish a post.

In summary, you have control over the content posted by other users under your posts. Negative comments happen to everyone, but you can block them at any time.