Instagram videos turned into rolls

Thread rolls

Instagram Reels, like TikTok, are an easy way to create, edit and share short videos. They were initially 60, then 90 seconds long. Thanks to them, the portal has grown significantly, and the most popular reel already has around 300 million views.

Due to the increased interest in reels, Instagram introduces important changes - from now, every published video with a length of maximum 15 minutes will be also available in the Rolls section on your profile (as long as you have a public account). The update aims to make it easier for the content to get more views, enabling its modification and improving the user experience from the video. Before sharing it, you will be able to e.g. add audio, text or stickers to create more interesting and fun content.

This is an optional method, so if you want to share the video the traditional way, you can still do it. Thanks to this update, Instagram Reels can reach more people, and also appear as recommended ones. If you're looking for a way to download them, please visit our new IG Reels Downloader.