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Browse any insta stories fast, free and anonymously.

Search for a user to play story.


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The author of the story doesn't know you've seen it. Search history is not saved anywhere.

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Without login

You don't have to log in anywhere or have an instagram account.

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You can browse any public stories, both photos and videos.

Instagram stories

Watch with one click

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Insta story viewer provides insight into the most interesting moments in the life of Instagram users. Find out what your boyfriend, girlfriend, favorite influencer, friend or family member is doing. No matter what your reason for watching insta stories anonymously - thanks to our browser, you will not appear in the view history. We do not require registration, login or app installation, which means you are 100% incognito. The new Instagram story viewer is a quick and easy way to watch current stories as well as highlighted on a profile.

Save wherever you want

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You've probably wondered many times how to save a specific story on Instagram? Insta story viewer will not only display, but also allow you to download any story on your computer or phone in full resolution and without the author's knowledge. You no longer need to take screenshots of stories that significantly lose quality, are small and unreadable. Thanks to our online tool you will keep every story - both photos and videos. Instagram stories do not have to disappear after 24 hours!

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