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Find any user, tag or place on Instagram without an account or app.

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Without account

You don't need to log in anywhere or create an Instagram account.

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Find any hashtag, place or user by name.

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Search for a profile in the current Instagram database without using the app.


Find with one click

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Instagram finder allows you to search for users, tags and locations on Instagram online. Enter a name or any word and wait for a list of users with a profile picture to appear. The new Instagram finder only shows relevant results from the current Instagram database. Click on a user's thumbnail or name and visit his profile on Instagram.

Fast and unlimited

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Instagram finder searches the Instagram collection in real time. Due to the restrictions imposed by the portal on unregistered users, many people cannot find their friends, popular hashtag or place. See current search results without any limits or even opening the application. Finding friends on Instagram doesn't have to be hard and time consuming!

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