Instagram error - please try again in a few minutes

Login to Instagram on the phone

With the development of technology and the Internet, the amount of spam, bots, fake accounts and content also increases. It's the same with Instagram. The website tries to keep its algorithm up to date and imposing various restrictions on suspicious accounts.

With the high security level of Instagram, it happens that human behaviour is mistakenly considered to be the operation of a computer program and the account of an ordinary user is unjustly blocked. An example of this is the Please try again in a few minutes error when you try to log into the portal.

It means that you have made too many requests in a short period and a temporary ban has been placed on your account or the device you are using. But don't worry - this is a common bug that many users struggle with, and can happen not only with multiple login attempts, but also when using Instagram too intensively. For example: viewing posts too quickly, too many follow requests in a given time interval, posted comments, likes, or even bio updates.

If you've already been blocked and you see a message with red font, you can try the following steps:

  • Wait 24 hours - Waiting for the required amount of time seems to be the best solution. Even though the message says a few minutes, in our experience the lock lasts for the full 24 hours.
  • Try from a different IP address - The restriction is usually applied to your IP address, so logging in from another network should still be possible. However, this is not always a good solution - using one account with multiple IP addresses may also be considered an unnatural operation or violation of the regulations and lead to the necessity of its verification via SMS, e-mail or even block the account permanently, which will make us many more problems than we are currently struggling with.
  • Report a bug - You can create a ticket in Instagram's help centre using the app - by going to Menu, Settings, Help, Report a bug. However, it is time-consuming, and we can wait up to several days for an answer - by this moment the blockage should disappear by itself. It is worth using this option if the error repeats regularly.

Instagram and other social networks are fighting spam and automatic tools by imposing various penalties, but the line of confusing a human with a bot is far too thin and may lead to loss of many users.