How to download video and view TikTok anonymously?

TikTok app on the phone

TikTok is one of the most popular music portals in the world. Its main functionality is recording, editing and sharing short music videos. TikTok application is breaking records among teenagers and adults - the number of users has just exceeded 1 billion. Before sharing the video, we can add our own soundtracks or use songs prepared by the platform, around which popular dance and movement trends arise.

When it comes to downloading videos on TikTok, as well as our privacy, the application does not offer the possibility of downloading user recordings, it is only available on the website. The second problem is its saving history of profile views (eye icon next to the menu on the "Profile" page). With this in mind, we can try online tools like TikTok Viewer & Downloader, thanks to which we will display anonymously and download our favourite video without logging in or creating an account.

If a given music trend caught your ear and you would like to save it on your device or display it in full HD quality, this is a good and free way. Just remember that every video or photo on the Internet (also on TikTok) is protected by copyright and you must have the consent of its author.