How to save TikTok without watermark?

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TikTok is available in 150 countries and has over a billion users at any age. In addition to sharing new music trends, it has also become a place of business and online marketing. The app allows us to easily download videos, but they are watermarked, which may make viewing difficult and cover some of their fragments.

The most interesting videos of the TikTok users can be downloaded on any device by holding a finger on the screen for a moment and then selecting the option Save video. The file will be downloaded to our phone, unfortunately also with a watermark - it will have the TikTok logo along with the video author's username. If this option is unavailable, it means that the user has disabled the ability to save and share his content in the application settings.

Browsing TikTok online

Online social media browsers come to the rescue - one of them is TikTok Downloader. The website provides a tool to view and download any video on TikTok, even in a situation where the user has blocked the possibility of downloading his videos. We do not have to log in anywhere or have an account on TikTok, thanks to which we are fully anonymous - the user does not know about viewing his profile. Downloaded videos do not lose their quality and, most importantly, are not watermarked.

If we care about privacy in social media, viewing user profiles using online tools seems to be a good solution. With their help, we are able to save every movie in full HD quality and get rid of the annoying watermark without installing the application.