How to highlight a story on my Instagram profile?

Photo of pinned cards on the board

As you already know, Instagram stories are only available for 24 hours from the time of publication. However, you can highlight the most interesting stories on your profile permanently.

You have at your disposal not only current, but also previously published stories saved in the archive. You can voluntarily name and divide them into categories that will appear on your profile between the biography and the posts.

To highlight the stories, go to the Story Highlights section of your profile, click the New button and select one or more stories from the archive. In the next step, select the appropriate title and you're done! Your stories are pinned to your profile and available at any time to all followers.

Deleting highlighted stories is easy too - just hold the story's icon for a while and then select Delete Highlighted Stories. Unfortunately, it is not possible to highlight stories on your profile without sharing them first. Previously shared stories are saved in the archive, from where they can be pinned to your profile.

When viewing highlighted user stories, you must remember that views may be saved in the view history, which the author of the story has access to. If you want to be sure that no one knows when you view it, the Insta Story Viewer is the place for you. Thanks to it, you will see both current and highlighted stories completely anonymously.

As you can see the highlighting of stories on Instagram is an easy way to present additional information about you or your company. You will certainly increase the interest of users, promote your profile or business and get new followers.