Pros and cons of a private Instagram account

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Instagram in 2022 is a good way to gain popularity as well as for a profitable business. However, not every user of this portal strives to get as many followers as possible and hearts under posts.

Some people want to share the most important moments of their lives only with friends, and not with the whole world. Instagram gives you this option after switching to private account. Users will only be able to see the profile picture, statistics (number of posts, followers, followings) and bio. Access to the rest of the information will require our consent. This solution has both advantages and disadvantages. We've gathered the most important ones for you.

➕ Pros:

  1. Full control over who views our profile.
  2. Limiting negative comments.
  3. Sending messages, tagging and mentions remain the same.

➖ Cons:

  1. You must manually accept each follow request.
  2. Fewer followers, likes and comments.
  3. Limited profile reach and little chance of getting advertisers.

Having a private account, we will certainly not get a wide audience to which we will hit with an advertising and earn money. In return, we will be able to share personal photos from our lives with trusted followers and practically eliminate the hate. If we want to find a golden mean, why not create two accounts - one for the public and one for friends?