How to get more Instagram followers?

Photo of the audience at the concert

Nowadays, social media are an inseparable element of our lives. They facilitate establishing new contacts, exchanging information and sharing various multimedia. They are also the main source of income for many people. Instagram is certainly one of them. It is true that the portal does not pay money directly to the account depending on the number of followers, but reaching a large group of recipients with the advertisement can bring considerable financial benefits, and there are many companies looking for influencers to advertise their products.

So how can we increase our followers number and turn a regular friend profile into a profitable business? Of course, we are not interested in buying fake follows that are easy to verify by potential advertisers and do not bring any marketing benefits. There are several natural ways to do this:

  1. Systematic publishing of new content - It's hard to imagine a profile with a million followers and only one shared post. Most of them add new photos and videos practically every day and have been for several years. So let new followers find your profile by regularly sharing new posts, stories and rolls.
  2. Interesting content - The more interesting the publication is, the bigger possibility of linking it and sharing by other users. By adding interesting content, you will get more profile views and a chance for new followers.
  3. Caring for descriptions and tags - Instagram is not only about visual content. Original and interesting descriptions can engage more recipients. The text can, for example, contain questions and encourage answers in the comments, click a link in the bio or visit our Instastory. Also, take care of relevant tags that refer to the content you publish.
  4. Replying to comments - As we know, there is no shortage of artificial accounts, likes or comments in social media. Interacting with real users can increase the visibility of posts by Instagram algorithms, which in 2022 pay special attention to this.
  5. Profile availability - On the road to getting as many followers as possible, there is no place for private profiles or disable comments. By doing that we limit the visibility of your profile and minimize the chances of acquiring new followers.

If you want to increase the popularity of your Instagram profile, it is not worth taking shortcuts. Buying followers will not increase your reach, but it may expose you to an account ban. In return, it is worth building a real group of followers, thanks to which we will establish contact with a lot of brands around the world.