What to do if you forget your Instagram password?

Instagram login screen on mobile phone.

To access a lot of information on the Internet you need to register. For security reasons, some sites require you to create a complicated password of a minimum length, consisting of upper and lower case letters, numbers and even special characters. Over time, the amount of passwords to remember increases significantly, following the rule that you should not use the same password for multiple accounts.

It happens that we lose a card with our passwords or simply forget them, especially when some sites are used by us quite rarely.

If you have forgotten the password to your Instagram account, you can try the following methods:

1. Log in via Facebook

On the Instagram login screen, click the blue "Continue via Facebook" button. After entering your username and password, you will be redirected to the Instagram account associated with your Facebook. This method is not available in a browser on a mobile device - use the Instagram application. You will also not be able to use it if your Instagram account was not created via Facebook.

2. Change your password using e-mail or phone

On the login screen, click Forgot your password? After searching for your username (without the @ symbol), select how you want to receive the message containing the password change link (SMS or e-mail). If you can't find your account or can't remember your account name, you can ask your friend to visit your profile and take a screenshot.

3. Verify your identity

If you have photos on your account that you are in, you can try to retrieve access to it with a short selfie video. To do this, open the Instagram app, go to the login panel, then:

  1. Click "Get help signing in".
  2. Search for your account.
  3. Click "Could not reset your password?".
  4. Click "Try another method".
  5. Select "I forgot my password and cannot reset it" and click Next.
  6. Select "Yes, I have my picture on my account" and click Next.
  7. Enter the email address to which you will receive a request to upload a selfie video in which you turn your head in different directions to confirm your identity.

The verification process can take up to two business days, if you pass it, you will receive a message from Instagram to the above-mentioned e-mail address with a link to reset your password. Why a video and not, for example, a photo of an ID card? Instagram explains that ID documents can be easily modified.

If you still can't retrieve access to your account, visit the Instagram Help Center for more information.